Søndag Søndag

Søndag Søndag is a Copenhagen/Berlin based duo.

The duo is a collaboration between Grammy Award winning film composer Jesper Mechlenburg and classically trained violinist Katrine Grarup Elbo.
In January 2020 the duo recorded their debut album in Saal 3, Funkhaus Berlin. Debut album will be released on Sony Classic in the Fall of 2020.

The name of the album is "Søndag to Søndag". To most people Sunday has a certain blue tone. The citizens of Denmark call themselves the happiest melancholics on earth. The nine compositions are reflections and variations of Sunday moods - one for each day of the week.
The titles of the nine tracks are: Søndag, Mandag, Tirsdag, Onsdag, Torsdag, Fredag, Lørdag, Søndag am and Søndag pm

  • Piano: Jesper Mechlenburg
  • Violin: Katrine Grarup Elbo (We like We, Toechter)
  • Additional Cello: Marie-Claire Schlameus (Tricky, Toechter)
  • Additional guitar: Jeppe Kjellberg (Who Made Who)